Why, hello there!

Brenna Darling is a courageous and versatile actor with a strong naturalistic style, and a blend of sultry, vulnerability, and passion. Truly an All-American girl, Brenna was originally born in Massachusetts, then moved to Georgia, then to Colorado where she grew up for the majority of her childhood. Her strong family background helped shape her into the grounded individual she is today.

Not necessarily considering herself an "outdoors-y" girl, Brenna moved from Colorado to the urban jungle that is Southern California in 2010 to pursue a BFA in Screen Acting degree from Chapman University. A true triple-threat, she has been extensively trained in acting, dancing, and singing and has acted in over 20 films and 15 stage productions. 

An LA-based actor, Brenna can't wait to hit the ground running and and begin a long-lasting career in the film industry!