Parent/Teacher Night

Check out my latest project, Parent/Teacher Night, a short film produced and starred in by yours truly. I couldn't have done it without the incredible talents of Katie Gunderson, who plays Mary Lipton. Tyler Cherman and ETCetera Entertainment nailed it with the cinematography and editing. Victoria Garcia-Kelleher was our brilliant coach and director (she is crazy funny, y'all). The script was written by Diane Galadari - is it weird that a part of me hopes she's actually met a teacher like this and drew experience from that situation?? Our location was graciously provided by Lesly Kahn & Co. And lastly, a huge shoutout goes out to Angela Brockunier, who was my right-hand (wo)man throughout the whole production process.  


Last week I wrapped on filming Go Four Broke, a pilot created by my dear friend Gabi Hankins. (Check out her website - she is absolutely amazing and such an inspiration!!) I had the pleasure of acting alongside some fantastic actors, and got the opportunity to work with a dedicated and talented crew, so I thought I'd share a little bit about the shoot. 

Day 1:

We started the shoot with a bang, actually filming some of my meatier scenes on the first day! Talk about diving in head first! I got to improv alongside the fabulous Maile Flannigan - let me tell you, that lady knows her stuff! For me, the intimidation factor was real, which nicely played along with our character relationship. 

I sneeked a quick peek at the monitor.... shhh!!! Don't tell the DP ;)

Speaking of which, Oliver Young, our fabulous Cinematographer, was so amazing. As someone who normally does horror and slasher films, he nailed the vibe of our comedy, don't you think?? 

Conor Brown brilliantly played Steven, my character's photographer boyfriend. Can't wait for future episodes to see where their relationship goes!

Day 2:

"Follow your passion and you'll never work a day in your life." Ahh a day acting with your best friends is a day well spent. Gabi, Taylor Kenney, Caroline Boyd and I got to film a few of our scenes together today. We also had the pleasure of working with Caroline Sunshine, Eric Bunton, and Daniel May. Yay! 

                                 Taylor, Caroline Sunshine, Eric Bunton, Caroline, Me, Gabi, and Daniel May

                                Taylor, Caroline Sunshine, Eric Bunton, Caroline, Me, Gabi, and Daniel May


Here is a behind-the-scenes shot of our fearless director, Shelby Thomas, giving me notes in between takes! She was so creative and innovative the whole shoot!


Day 3:

Night shoots get a little crazy, but our whole team was motivated and committed so we knocked out quite a big scene. Got to improv with my main four G4B girls - so much fun! 

Max Landwirth, our steadfast producer (Landwirth Legacy, LLC), kept us on track and moving. Such a blessing to work with him and his company. 

Day 4:

                                          Tyler Case , Gabi, Taylor, Caroline, and I with director Shelby Thomas!

                                        Tyler Case, Gabi, Taylor, Caroline, and I with director Shelby Thomas!

Each member of the cast was so much fun to work with, whether they were on set one hour, two days, or for the whole shoot! 

Day 5:

No pictures from today - we were outside in the hot hot Los Angeles sun! Thanks to our amazing makeup artist, Lindsey Lisse (@lindseylisse) we were still looking good, despite sweating off our sunscreen. 

Day 6:

And that's a wrap! Why do I have a catering uniform on? Guess you'll have to wait to tune in and see... 

Many many many thanks go out to Gabi Hankins for creating such a wonderful project. It is so important for women to be represented truthfully in television, for all of their imperfections to be shown, because the shows we watch should reflect reality - let's be honest, no one is perfect. I feel so honored to have the opportunity to play a character that helps to showcase what life is like for twenty-somethings in our generation. Its tough, scary, vulnerable, and sometimes the only thing that keeps you going are the friends in your life who can pick you up when you're down. Despite the roller coaster that life tends to feel like, I feel pretty lucky to be where I'm at, surrounded by amazing people and ready to see what comes next. 

I Can Be Funny...Right?

It is always important to keep your acting tools sharp and ready to use. I am so excited to get started with training at two AMAZING acting schools:

The first starts this week at Lesly Kahn & Company. I will be taking Comedy Intensive - a three week long comedy "bootcamp" in which I'll be required to rehearse 3 hours per day and really be held accountable for my work. Three weeks of total immersion - what an amazing life right?? 

The second school I'll begin training with (starting later in April) is....*drum roll please*.... THE GROUNDLINGS!!! I am beyond honored to have been accepted into Basic after auditioning a few weeks ago. I hope to learn to be "uniquely memorable and brazenly funny." At least that's what their brochure says...I'll be holding them accountable for that! Who knows, improve may just be the niche I've been looking for...

I truly believe it is best to surround yourself with people who inspire you and push you to be better. I simply cannot wait to see what's in store for me at these two incredible places. 

Extra, Extra!!

Life sure is picking up and L.A. living is definitely as fast paced as they say. Keep reading for a quick update on what I've been up to in life and in my acting career!

I'm so looking forward to starting up a couple casting director workshops in the coming weeks! I can't wait to meet and work with Mary Margaret Kunze (Justified), Rich Delia (Short Term 12; The Free World; Pitch Perfect; Dallas Buyers Club; August: Osage County), and JC Cantu (Machete; Predators; Safety Not Guaranteed). 

Thank you so much to Act Now! for being such a great resource. 

I will also be starting up Killian's Commercial Workshop in October. Looking forward to learning and growing in my commercial acting knowledge!

A really fun and exciting project that is just coming into fruition is a new web series, Go Four Broke, staring myself, Gabi Hankins, Taylor Kenney, and Caroline Boyd. Written by the fabulous Gabi Hankins, it centers around four girls recently hired by a catering company, trying to get their acting careers started in L.A.. Sound familiar?! Stay tuned for updates and episode releases! 

BFA Showcase Promo Video

As the showcase gets closer and closer (only 27 more days!) my wonderful BFA class at Chapman University has been preparing and marketing to get ready. Watch the latest promo video, yours truly featured at 1:50. Here's a link to the Showcase website

Ticket Information:

In order to RSVP to any of our shows please send an email to our reservation email address or call our Reservation Line at 714-744-7087 Option 2. In your email or voicemail requesting tickets please include your full name, company, date and time of performance, contact info, and number of tickets you request for the show. If you are sending an email request, please include the performance date and time in the heading of the email.

Stay tuned!

30 Days & Counting!

Check out this awesome postcard for the upcoming BFA Showcase - I can't believe it's coming up so quickly! This talented group of individuals has truly shaped me into the person I am today and the past four years at Chapman University would not have been the same without them!  


Contact me for any further information about the showcase! Stay tuned...


Whoa, it's happening....

I am so thrilled to be launching my website, the official, real-deal,! My Behind-the-Scenes page will serve as an update for all things acting and career based in my life. Recently I finished up a run in Beyond Stage's Accidentally in Love: the Musical, playing the Southern Belle, Emily Daniels. Such a fun production to be a part of with an excellent cast and crew! Coming up, I'll be preparing for my senior thesis at Chapman University, the BFA Showcase, which will be showing in May. I'm working with the wonderfully talented Max Landwirth as my showcase partner. 

Stay tuned!